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Grandville Middle School - Don't Be a Bully | News

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Grandville Middle School - Don't Be a Bully
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Grandville Middle School teachers have been trained by Dr. Marcia McEvoy to implement a “violence” prevention program here at GMS. The staff developed a building definition of violence (specifically targeting bully behaviors) which will be posted in all classrooms and halls:

Aggression (violence) is any look, gesture, word or action that harms or has the potential to harm a person’s body, feelings, friendships, reputation or property.

The program will be introduced through student training in September, October and/or November by our guidance counselors. The staff also developed a rubric that will be used in conjunction with our Code of Conduct to specifically address teasing, name calling, verbal and physical intimidation as well as severe aggression. The program provides students with a verbal reminder of our definition and how their behavior(s) fit the definition. Please refer to our student handbook (online or in your child’s planner) for copies of the rubric. Please help us by having conversations with your child about appropriate behaviors, including those they engage in with their friends. Questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

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