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Flooding delays crop planting | News

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Flooding delays crop planting

JENISON, Mich. (WZZM) - Rain is typically a welcome sight for farmers, but this spring there's too much of it. Farmers are now worried that they won't be able to plant crops on time because the fields are too wet, and that could lead to crop shortages.

Farmer Kirk Haverdink hasn't even bothered to check on his corn fields, because he knows they're flooded. "It'll take a week or ten days for that to dry up," says Haverdink.

The heavy rainfall is preventing farmers from planting crops and Haverdink says May is peak growing season.

"You fall behind if you don't start planting on time," says Haverdink. The shorter growing season makes for less crops."

Right now, Haverdink says he would like to be using his manure tank to be spreading fertilizer on the fields, but he hasn't touched it yet this season. "It's got to be dry ground to get the equipment across," says Haverdink.

Haverdink says every heavy rain can delay planting another several days, but he says it's not too late. "If it would quit raining now, we'd be good," says Haverdink.

Farmers say it would be worse for flooding to hit in the middle of May, because that's peak growing season, and it could damage the crops already planted.


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